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2011-11-21 22:32:52 by Taiso

Not long ago I was tweeting (sic) and I found something interesting...some dude was using a pic of mine as his avatar and I thought: "Cool, I'm getting famous" (I know, delusions of grandeur) BUT as I clicked on his avatar, and the emerging window showed the pic enlarged I noticed that something was missing: MY SIGNATURE....So I became worried......You know it's like watching your kidnapped son walking on the street.
SO I contacted this guy and asked him politely, where da fuck did he get his avatar pic. The poor mate, told me he found it on the web...I informed him that I was the creator of his "random-but-cool-web-found profile pic" SO he asked me where to get the one with the signature (Well, He actually was really nice to me and even tried to -or at least he told me so- find the pic on the web again ) so..blah blah...sent him the link...balh blah... now is my follower....blah blah.... BUT the SHIT is that I SITLL DON?T fucking know why those bastards weren't decent enough to leave the signature in it's place and even worse to keep the credit for themselves (I think the bastards did) pffff welll had to post this somewhere..... Now I'll try not to steal any more movies from the Internetz ( I swear I just watch streams and cuevana) ....guess is karma or somethin' ..... If you ever see my pic of the deer (the one who is not the Jagermeister deer but y'all think is) please send me the link so I can sue the hell out of those bastards or at least fuck their pages... well actually I might just cry as a newborn girl but at least I'll know who's behind the thievery :)



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